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About Dauntless Martial Arts

Dauntless Martial Arts offers the people of Delaware, Eastern Maryland, Southern New Jersy and South East Pennsylvannia a unqiue quality of service.

Dauntless is NOT a school made by a part time hobbiest but one made by 2 consumate professionals who do two things very well. Combat Sports & Survival Fighting.

Since 1998 Dauntless MMA has made the most MMA Fighters in Delaware with the Most Wins. That is NOT luck. We have done this by being genuinely good at the Stand Up, Clinchwork and Groud games of MMA.

In BJJ Dauntless does not just seek to dazzle you with exotic names of advanced moves anyone can see on you tube but instead develops within you sound, techniical BJJ with all of the core principles you need to out read and out perform the other guy.

Survival Fighitng is a whole other ball game. When it comes to Self Defense on the street or Tactical Hand To Hand Applications for the Military and Police there is absolutely nothing better than SFA.

SFA, the Survival Fighting Axiom is a 'Threat Based' Counter Offensive Process that is learned both technically and 'REACTIVELY' in unique flow drills with 2 persons, 2 persons on 1 person and then 3 persons on 1 person.

The material is SFA is NOT for sport. Real Attacks from vicious, amoral human animals cause a great degree of stress on their unsuspsecting victims.

SFA was born out of this experience, enabling you to react effectively with unique techniques that literally destroy the incoming attacks of your assailant and ultimately end the threat to you and your family.
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Dauntless also offers Martial Arts classes and Summer Camps for Kids 3-13. We don't teach commercialized karate but instead offer BJJ and MMA courses.

Here you will see the same quality, indepth instruction that give the adults. The Senior Kids Instuctor Mrs. Maribeth Sachetti is a 1st Degree Black Belt in BJJ as well as an accomplished practiciorner in Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag and SFA.

In her BJJ class the kids develop a real expertise and depth in sound technique as they also gain real Confidence, Discipline And Focus. Her MMA class develops Striking & Movement skills along with Clinchwork and the MMA refinements for the ground game.

At Dauntless kids are actually taught. We do not just play games with them but develop real Skill Level, Fitness & Life Attributes.

Gain Real Skills For You & Your Family

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