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Dauntless was created in Delaware by Allen & Maribeth Sachetti in 1998. They certainly did not choose an easy road as they decided not to adopt any kind of commercialized Karate programs but instead offer adults and children only the most effective material for combat sports and self defense.
In doing so they pursused Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Rickson Grace in 1994 to then also train with his brother Royler Grace in 2000. Later they trained with the Mundal & M1 Champion Renato Migliaccio. In 2005 they continued in BJJ under 7th Degree Black Belt, Luiz Palahares. Beyond this the time that the Sachettis have spent both in the school and rolling competitively to win numerous Gi and No Gi tournaments has enabled them to offer students in Delaware the highest skill level and greatest depth in advanced BJJ & Grappling material
 MMA is also a significant focus for the Sachettis. Back in 1991 Allen was winning numerous MMA fights before it was even called MMA. NHB or No Holds Barred was the term used back then before the Sport was really a sport with head butts, all elbows and all locks being allowed. Allen was also an avid Full Contact Stick Fighter winning the 1998 World Submission Stick Fighting Championship. From this beginning the Sachettis continued to perfect their craft by training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Dumpag, KFM and BJJ to develop their MMA curriculum to equally excel in Stand Up, Clinchwork and Ground.

The Sachetti's broke into the MMA scene with amateur fighters competing in Delaware (before regulation) and then in Virginia which allow's MMA competitions with full sanction rules. Their fighters performed well in all 3 areas of MMA, the stand up, the clinch and on the Ground and since 1998 they have produced the most MMA fighters in Delaware with the most wins. If you would like to see their fights go to
MMA Wide Punch
 For Children Maribeth & Allen have been teaching both BJJ and MMA to kids 3-13 since 1998. They developed a unique BJJ curriculum for Kids and were the first to offer a legitimate MMA class for Kids in the United States. Teaching kids BJJ is a lot harder than adults but the Sachetti's do it very well. With patience, care and discipline they enable Kids to overcome fear and become real conquerors on the mat. The Championships and Medals they have won at NAGA, Grappler's Quest, The Junior Grappling Association, Pan Am BJJ and others are more numerous than they could count, but for them the most important thing is empowering kids with a Strong Moral Character as well as a Excellent Skill Level.
 For MilitaryTactical Combat  Applications the Sachettis trained in the Pekiti-Tirsia Filipino Combat System under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje since 1991. Having lived in the Philippines Allen began training with Grand Tuhon Gaje in 1991. Moving back to the Sates in 1994 he continued to train in Pekiti-Trisa by going the Philippines again in 1995 and then hosting Grand Tuhon to come to Delaware. In 2006, 2007 and 2010 Allen & Maribeth returned to the Philippines to engage in larger training events and then in 2012 Allen was promoted To Mandala Maginoo by Grand Tuhon Gaje.
 From a lifetime of study and application against real life attacks Allen J Sacheti also realized that persons who come to him seeking to develop an ability to defend themselves against larger, stronger or more trained street attackers needed to be able to perform effectively against multiple threats in the shortest period of time. For this he completed the culmination of his life's work with the creation of SFA (The Survival Fighting Axiom) which is not a martial art per say as much as it is a process that enbles the practicioner to truly develop the Instincts, Technique and Conditioning he needs to actually perform well (uniquely effective material) in the frey and chaos of real life attacks.
"Fear Not" - Isaiah 41:10
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