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Dauntless MMA & BJJ at 13 Prestbury Square, Newark DE. 19713 / Off Rt. 4 Across From Vince's Sports Center, In Front Of Coopers Apartments / Only 5 Mins From UD 19713
Give Your Kids An
Advantage In Life
We Give Quality Instruction That Produces
A Genuine Skill Level For Kids 3-13
In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
Confidence, Discipline,
Respect, Focus
& Resolve

Two BJJ Black Belts With
Over 21 Years Of Experience
The Dauntless Martial Arts Chief Instructors Allen & Maribeth Sachetti Have Been Teaching Children Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA In Delaware Now For Over 21 Years.

Teaching Kids Sound, Solid Technique In Stand Up, Mount, Guard, Cross Body & Back They Develop A Genuine Skill Level And Practical Conditioning For Kids.

The Dauntless BJJ Course Also Encourages Kids To Face Adversity And Overcome It. This Develops A Real Cofidence that Comes From Actual Experiences.

This Helps Kids Gain A Sincere Self Respect Which Can Be A Foundation To Build Discipline.
Maribeth  Allen Gi

Kids Basic BJJ Course Ages 3-13

MB Teaching BJJ
The Dauntless Kids Basic BJJ Course is a masterpiece of sound foundational BJJ that enables kids to later move into our Intermediate BJJ and MMA Courses.

Stand Up, Mount, Guard, Cross Body And Back Positions are all taught from both the Offensive and Counter Offensive perspective.

Children develop a unique sensitivity and technique base to deal with all kinds of violence. This gives them an enormous inner strength to conquer bullies sometimes without even having to put hands on them.

For dedicated children who complete the BJJ Foundational Course there is the Dauntless Kids Elite BJJ Course which gives then a far greater depth and expertise in advanced BJJ.

Kids Elite BJJ Course

MB Armlock Kids
Once Kids complete our Foundational BJJ Course to perform well against resistence in the Stand Up, Mount, Guard, Cross Body And Back they will earn their full Yellow Belt and become eligable to attend our Kids Elite BJJ Course.

This Course is held at a different time with a samller group of children. The teaching goes into far greater depth of more advanced Stand Up, Fetal Mount, Open Guard, Spider, De La Riva, Butterfly & X Guards, North South, Knee In The Belly, Hammer, Turtle & More Positions.

In this smaller class the emphasis is on helping kids develop a remarkable Sensitivity, Technique And Reaction Time to express Jiu-Jitsu at the highest degree of Excellenece.

Kids MMA Course

Fight Exchange Middle
The Dauntless Kids MMA Course is open to children in our school once they have earned their Yellow Belt in the BJJ Foundational Course. Remember the old MMA saying: "What do you call an MMA Fighter Who Does'nt Know BJJ?" Answer: Loser

This Course teaches Stand Up, Clinchwork & Ground. The Stand Up covers Offensive Striking, Shooting & Clinching along with Counter Offensive Evasion, Destructions & Anti-Wrestling.

The Clinchwork covers Offensive Entries, Holds, Takedowns, Compression Strikes & Submisssions and Counter Offensively Anti Wrestling, Takedown Counters & Break Aways.

The Ground adds to the BJJ Foundation they gained in the Basic Course with Controls, Ground & Pound, Submissions, Escpaes and the Unique MMA Guard.

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